Team building

Team building

More excited teams.

Zanshin runs team events with a difference.  Get everyone working together and have a drink, all without leaving the office.

Teambuilding activities are used to improve working relationships and develop communication skills within a team or department. Teambuilding workshops encourage all parties involved to have an equal input in achieving a common goal.

When that goal is not related to their particular field, everyone taking part regardless of age or title becomes equal. Office juniors to company directors are able to contribute to the tasks set without the barriers which normally restrain their communication. As the task is completely unrelated to the skills of the team, they have to pull together as equals and work as a team. Zanshin offers the ultimate teambuilding experience!

We train your staff in the four basic areas of Bartending:

  1. Liquor Knowledge - Learn which spirits go well together, where spirits/liquors come from and, with your permission, have a little taste!
  2. Flair - One of our expert Bartenders gives a demonstration of Flairing (bottle juggling), and then under his instruction invites the group to try their hand.
  3. Procedure - The team are shown the particulars of producing classic cocktails.
  4. Front Bar Skills - Service skills, guest interaction, and showmanship are taught here!

The teams are asked to design a cocktail with a suitable name, the idea being that they incorporate all skills learned, including Flairing! The teams are invited up to the bar to present their creation, with the other teams and trainers as spectators!

Apart from being an excellent exercise, a Zanshin team building event is also a huge amount of fun. The session is conducted at a lively tempo, in an informal and enjoyable manner. This exercise is also a fantastic ‘Ice breaker’, it would be a great start to a training seminar or event.

Concocting a cocktail Having fun learning to flair Teamwork